Our wines

“Soweto Wines”™ was launched in Spring 2013 and will initially be bringing the following wines to the market:

  • Vilakazi Street Merlot
  • Orlando Sauvignon Blanc
  • Kliptown Cabernet Sauvignon

Vilakazi Street Merlot

Vilakazi Street-renowned for being the only street in the world to have housed 2 Nobel Prize winners, now it is the Bourbon street of Soweto-a vibrant precinct with restaurants and a party atmosphere.

Vilakazi Street

Vilakazi Street in Soweto


A full bodied wine with a deep red colour and intense fruit, complemented with classic oak finish. Reminding of red berries, plum and cocoa with hints of eucalyptus and subtle spice. Soft tannins and sweetish mouth feel with a long finish.


Orlando Sauvignon Blanc

Orlando was the first formal housing development in Soweto started in 1932. It rapidly grew over the following decades and spawned many of South Africas’ political and business leaders.

Orlando in Soweto with towers in background

Orlando in Soweto with towers.


A delicate combination of asparagus and green pepper flavours with touches of passion fruit and lime with a crisp, mineral finish.


Kliptown Cabernet Sauvignon

Actually predates Soweto but is now incorporated into the fabric of Soweto. In 1955 it was the meeting place of leaders from around the country who drafted and adopted the Freedom Charter. Now it is a cosmopolitan area with modern apartments as well as informal settlements and a busy shopping centre. Home to the inspirational Kliptown Youth Program.

Kliptown Youth Project

Kliptown Youth Project


Dark Ruby with a garnet edge with flavours of red berries and fine oak. This wine is well balanced with ripe fruit and a long finish.





Later a sparkling wine and other blends will be introduced……